The power of crystals - a force enchanted in stones

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Many magicians believe that stones with crystal structure have esoteric properties. These are so-called power crystals, providing their owners with energy help in difficult situations. The magic of stones, however, works only when you make an effort to consciously use it.

The power of crystals

Crystals can be - according to people who believe in magic - a carrier of various information that we provide to them. To use them for this purpose, you must first clean the stone, then take it in your hands and meditate for a long time. To give the crystal a great magical potential, of course, you can not limit yourself to a single contact with it. Meditation sessions should be repeated periodically and the stone should be given as many positive thoughts as possible. In this way, the amount of vibration he receives increases.

Power crystals are usually quartz. For your own needs, you can choose cut stone or in pure form. In the latter case, however, special care should be taken, because such stones have very sharp edges.

Inclusions, i.e. inclusions, look like threads embedded within a stone. Therefore, it is worth choosing copies with such an appearance. The exceptions are the inclusions with dead insects - they not only do not affect the human body well, but can even bring the user bad luck.

Types of magic quartz

The most basic magic stone is pure mountain quartz. It has the power to store good ideas and positive energy. Working with him helps overcome adversities, brings success in professional and personal life. This type of quartz should be bought especially by shy and withdrawn people, feeling extremely insecure in their environment.

Pink and milky quartz have slightly milder properties. It can be used in cases when we need energy of feelings such as love, joy and peace. It is therefore ideal for use by lonely, introverted people interested in their own spiritual development and conducting artistic activity.

Smoky quartz, in turn, is used to neutralize negative feelings: anger, hostility, resentment. Its ownership and use helps to alleviate conflicts and protects against contact with unloved people.

How to deal with a crystal?

The essence of the whole procedure is the conviction that the crystal "remembers" positive emotions and gives them to its owner in difficult moments. To make this happen, you must first clean the stone and "charge" it with good energy.

Cleansing itself is not difficult - just put the crystal for several minutes under cool running water or immerse in a bowl. Then it should be dried and you can start filling the stone with good energy. To this end, it is worth imagining the various positive emotions that the crystal will provide us in the future and believe in its power.

To use the magical potential contained in the stone, you just need to take it in your hands and concentrate on its action. If you do not want someone caught us in this activity, it is worth leaving the room (e.g. from the office) and be alone with the crystal for a moment.

Crystal power circles

Crystal meshes (also known as crystal power circles) are compared to Stonehenge - the most famous British power place, which generates huge amounts of energy. Here, the stones are arranged in the right shape - the same is true for crystal meshes. There was even a wonderful, richly illustrated book devoted to crystal grids - it is entitled The Power of Crystals and its author is Kiera Fogg.

Arrangements of crystals in grids are inspired by the so-called Sacred Geometry. The shape of the Flower of Life and the Metatron's Cube is most commonly used, but there is also a pentagram or infinity sign.

When choosing the shape in which we want to shape our mesh, one should be guided by the intention. Each shape has its own area of action - that is, one has a stronger and more effective effect on health, and the other has a very strong protective effect. Choosing the right shape is very important - it contributes to the power of the whole ritual!

The selected pattern is best printed on paper or burned on a board of suitable wood (here the situation is the same as with the shape - it is necessary to familiarize yourself with what energy resonates a given type of wood).

Crystal nets - why create them?

Crystal circles are created primarily to strengthen the energy of our private intention. That is why it is important to think deeply about the needs we have right now and only then to formulate the intention.

Virtually anything can be the intention - improving health, attracting money, success or love, and even support and guidance on the path of spiritual development. However, remember that each intention has a slightly different grid layout.

We arrange a crystal mesh

When we have a specific intention, we choose the right shape - preferably if it was not an accidental choice and supported our intention. Then we choose the crystals - each crystal has its own characteristic properties. Rock crystal is a stone with a very strong cleansing and healing effect, so it is worth using it when we want to support our health or clean the psyche.

When building a crystal mesh, you can use several types of stones - you just need to remember to support each other. The power of crystals is practically an inexhaustible source of energy, but it is worth that the crystals intensify the action of others, and not block them.

How many crystals should be used? Here it is worth using a rich numerological experience and bet on the strength of numbers. Numerology has been saying for a long time that number 3 is responsible for harmony in love and family, and number 4 is conducive to financial success. If we care about fast and effective spiritual development, it is worth betting on 7, and distant travels and changes in our lives with number 5.

Why it will work

Crystal nets have a very high percentage of effectiveness - this is even confirmed by Hollywood stars who are happy to enjoy the benefits offered by crystal circles. The power of such a network is based on several elements:

+   power flowing from the shapes of Sacred Geometry

+   crystal action

+   mutual influence of crystals

+   multiplying the power of crystals by increasing their number

+   numerology operation - number vibration

+   intention - the law of attraction

Crystal grids are an effective way to make our dreams come true, bring harmony to life and attract all well-being - love, money or success. By focusing on the power of crystals, we gain access to an unlimited stream of energy - crystal meshes are a powerful tool! For more on Crystal Power, crystal grids and their properties, see Kiery Fogg's latest book, The Power of Crystals .

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