Amethyst - what properties does this magic stone have?

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Amethyst is a semi-precious mineral, successfully used in jewellery. Its characteristic feature is the original violet color. From ancient times it was considered an amulet of enormous power - the conviction about its magical and healing properties is passed on to future generations nowadays.

Types of Amethyst

There are different types of amethyst. They differ in shades and intensity of color. The most popular natural amethyst is purple. Depending on the incident light, it may also take a blue or reddish blue . This color is caused by the presence of divalent or trivalent iron. It is also possible to discolor this mineral. If we heat a stone with a three-layer iron, it will change its color to yellow , becoming a lemon. Increasing the temperature of the mineral with divalent iron to 500 degrees Celsius will give us green amethyst. Sometimes, when heated, the stone also becomes colorless . The final color is also influenced by the way it is grown and exposure to sunlight.

There is also synthetic amethyst on the market . It is violet colored glass or artificial corundum. However, it has no magical or healing properties.

Properties of Amethyst

Amethyst is considered a stone with magical properties. Provides protection against the Evil Eye, bringing success in all spheres of life. It is especially recommended to people under the sign of Sagittarius and aquatic Pisces and Cancer - because of its color, corresponding to the color of the god of the sea Neptune.

In Greece, it was used to make goblets; he was supposed to protect himself from getting drunk. Since medieval times, it has been worn by church dignitaries as a ring or stone decorating robes. He was also Saint Hildegard's favourite mineral. According to her advice, rubbing the tongue against the stone was to eliminate skin diseases, and wearing it by women on the hips - was a guarantee of the health and wisdom of the offspring.

Currently, amethyst is considered a mineral that reduces fatigue and headaches, relieves stress and strong emotions. In unconventional medicine, it helps to cure insomnia, bringing a healthy and peaceful rest. It supports the process of getting out of addictions, improves concentration, facilitates learning and promotes the development of broadly understood spirituality.

In the Middle Ages, this stone was intended for monarchs and church dignitaries. Later it became available to anyone interested in having purple amethyst ornament. To this day, elements such as a pendant, brooch, necklace, ring and bracelet are made of the mineral. Amethyst jewellery given to a loved one is a symbol of harmony and unpolluted, strong love.

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