Crystals as Amulets

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It is always worth carrying something that emanates good energy and simply brings us happiness. That's what good amulets have, which is so easy to always have close to each other. Most often, amulets are considered precious stones that fantastically decorate gold and silver jewelry.

Amulet or something for good luck

Happiness and prosperity sometimes leave us for a moment. Many people believe that this outflow of good energy can be stopped easily. It is enough to carry an amulet of luck, for example in the form of a pendant or bracelet, which is decorated with precious stones dedicated to our zodiac sign. No one needs to know that we treat this thing as an amulet. Let it be our little sweet secret.

The main thing is to choose a gemstone according to your zodiac sign and their elemental characteristic. Although there is no shortage of information websites on the internet, choosing a professional fairy store will be a great idea. It is in such a place that we receive professional advice on which gemstone suits us best. Different stones are assigned to each sign of the zodiac. You can choose from the cheaper ones, then they will be semi-precious stones.

The most popular are certainly opal and agate, so characteristic of our country amber, amethyst, and many others. Precious stones are something from the higher price range. Emeralds, diamonds and mountain crystals, rubies, beautiful sapphires, and natural pearls certainly have healing and bringing happiness. Which one should you choose? During this difficult choice you can also be guided by intuition.

Precious stones - charms that affect health and well-being

Having a gemstone is certainly something wonderful. Beautiful and unusual jewelry with stones can become a unique amulet that protects against bad energy. If you do not want to be guided by what precious stones are usually combined with our zodiac sign, you can always just rely on your intuition. If a stone we like very much, and we feel special in jewelry with it, this can be a good argument to choose it. The most important thing is our belief that a beautiful daughter hung around the neck or on the wrist will have a positive effect on us. Faith works wonders, that's what amulets are all about.

Precious stones - amulets with chemical and physical properties

For gemstones worn as amulets, another factor is important. Precious stones are minerals, and each of them has its own and unique physical and chemical properties. Therefore, they can react differently to the pH of a person's skin, and some are even said to affect the hormonal balance, relieve pain, and are recommended even for children. This is the case with ambers, which are supposed to protect children against pain during teething.

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