Red Aventurines


Red Aventurine is a stone of manifesting desires. This lovely coloured healing crystal draws from fire and earth and is known revitalise your energy and boost physical vitality. It is known to increase strength and is particularly suited to healing and calming.

Mentally - This boosts mental alertness and vitality, as well as amplifies the desire in taking on various life’s challenges with perseverance and determination. Moreover, it also inspires sexuality and creativity, and recommences confidence and excitement in turning desires, goals, and project into reality. 

Emotionally - The red aventurine may provide you the capacity to experience pleasure and happiness and it will also make you more at ease and courageous when handling challenges in relationship.

Spiritually - Red Aventurine utilizes the physical level of being to transform focused energy into action. It assists in bringing divinely inspired ideas and creations into being by helping one determine the highest course of action and lending the faith, courage and energy needed to see them through to completion.

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